Scientific Publications with XHTML & CSS

Original Experiment Date
May 19, 2003 (date of publishing on

In 2003 I developed an interest in publishing scientific work on the internet, and decided to explore the possibilities and limitations of doing this with XHTML and CSS. The result was written down in an article, which was later published on MyOpera.

Disclaimer Please note that my insight and experience has progressed in the course of time, and that I no longer necessarily agree with all my findings in this article.

Aside from exploring scientific publishing, writing the article provided me with a reason and a vehicle to develop some interesting CSS techniques. Most had to do with CSS generated content, and include:

The numbering of equations was the first time I applied positioning, or in this case floating, to generated content and it was a harbinger for a lot of experiments to come. It was also the first time I employed multiple stylesheets to cater specially for different media types — this was quite a unique thing for its time.

Read the article on publishing scientific documents.
Browser support
Opera 7+ due to extensive use of CSS generated content.

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