JabRef — HTML Export Filters


JabRef is a cross-platform BibTeX reference manager. I use it to manage my references for my research, not only because BibTeX is my preferred format, but also for the added features such as keeping track of my pdfs.

JabRef exports to a wide range of different formats, and also allows one to write custom export filters. I have written several export filters for HTML pages. The main feature lies in the ability to search the references.

Export filters

To use the filters, first download the three .layout files of the filter. Then open JabRef and select "Manage custom exports..." in the Options menu. There you select the main .layout file, and provide html as the extension. Now you are ready to use the export filter!

References Table
The most basic of the reference tables, as it only includes an overview of the main information of each of the references. The QuickSearch fields allows for easy lookup of references.
Export Filters
References Table with Abstracts and BibTeX
The references tables now always includes a link to the full BibTeX entry, so that sharing of references becomes simpler than ever. Abstracts and reviews are also available.
Export Filters
List of References
This export filter provides a list of references, formatted in a way similar to reference lists at the end of an article. It also includes BibTeX/URL/DOI.
Export Filters


If you have any suggestions, or questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to help out. If you would like to contribute directly, the export filters are hosted on Bitbucket.


General documentation on writing custom export filters, including the various export options, can be found in the JabRef help files. Here I focus on issues specific to my export filters.

Adding Extra Columns

Many adaptations of these export filters I have found on the internet, add extra columns to the table to show more information. This is easily done by adding a new column header <th> to the .begin.layout file of the export filter:

	<tr> <th>Column Header</th> </tr>
and adding a corresponding <td> to the data rows in the main .layout file of the export filter. However, many people then forget to adjust the colspan value on the Abstract and/or BibTeX rows to the new number of columns!
<tr id="abs_johndoe2008" class="abstract noshow">
	<td colspan="6">
The value for the colspan should be the same as the number of columns, otherwise the Abstract/BibTeX won't span the entire width of the table, with rather ugly results.

The QuickSearch field in many of the export filters allows you to use Regular Expression searches, giving you more control over your searches.

Here are some examples. To find entries...

By default the RegExp search is case-insenstive. For more specific information about JavaScript's RegExp abilities, see this page.


The JavaScript code in the export filters is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution License. This license basically allows you to adapt, share and use the code for any purpose, provided the copyright and license notice is kept intact.

Creative Commons License